Christmas is a time for families to be together – to laugh, to love and to share in the magic of the season. Our staff sees, each day, the impact new equipment has to their Department. Because of you, more patients will have access to life-saving medical equipment; ensuring loved ones can spend more time together.
Please, consider a gift towards any one of these critical pieces of equipment at our Hospital.

UPDATE: The Defibrillator was fully funded by donors on Giving Tuesday!

Having adequate critical care equipment throughout our Hospital is essential in saving lives. Darolyn never wants to have to use a Defibrillator, but she knows that seconds count when one is needed. As a Respiratory Therapist in the Operating Room, it’s her role to use the Defibrillator to monitor a patient’s heart rhythm and shock or pace the heart to restore a heart beat during cardiac arrest. Your gift this Christmas will ensure Darolyn and the entire Operating Room team have access to the right tool at the most critical time. Let’s keep hearts beating this Christmas.

Click here to donate to the Portable Ultrasound Machine for the Renal Department

Renal dialysis is a life-saving treatment for patients with kidney failure. However as Dialysis Access Coordinator, Kristin and Nephrologist, Dr. Shahbazi can attest, dialysis can’t begin until a catheter is inserted and for that, it is essential to have a portable ultrasound machine. This critical piece of equipment is also used for assessments related to hemodialysis vascular access, peritoneal dialysis catheter, fluid balance and many other investigations that are integral for patient care. Help Kristin, Dr. Shahbazi and the entire Renal Department care provide life-saving care this Christmas.

Click here to donate to the Infant Warmer for Labour & Delivery

When that incredible moment finally arrives when a baby is born, they are usually placed on their mother’s chest for immediate bonding and to keep them warm. However, as Registered Nurse Michele knows, this can’t always happen if a baby needs some type of extra care. In those cases babies need to be placed on an Infant Warmer so they can be examined and treated while maintaining their body temperatures. Help Michele and the Labour and Delivery team keep babies safe and warm this Christmas.

Click here to donate to the Fetal Telemetry Monitor for Labour & Delivery

You generously helped us purchase a Fetal Telemetry Monitor last Christmas – thank you! Yet, as Kelly knows all too well, more babies being born every day means we desperately need another one. As a Registered Nurse, Kelly frequently uses a Fetal Telemetry Monitor to monitor the status of a baby’s heart rate prior to birth. This information is critical in her planning for the safe delivery of babies. Your gift this Christmas will help Kelly and the entire Labour and Delivery team to assist parents in birthing babies safely year round.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy & Healthy 2019!

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