Christmas is a time for families to be together – to laugh, to love and to share in the magic of the season. Our staff sees, each day, the impact new equipment has to their Department. Because of you, more patients will have access to life-saving medical equipment; ensuring loved ones can spend more time together.
Please, consider a gift towards any one of these critical pieces of equipment at our Hospital:
2 Bili Blankets

Babies who are born with jaundice need a little extra help. Registered Practical Nurse Candyce has seen a revolution recently in the use of Bili Blankets to treat jaundice. These portable phototherapy devices allow babies to stay with their parents, and be held normally, instead of having to be placed in a separate light box. You can help little ones stay cuddled up with Mom or Dad this Christmas when you make a gift. Candyce can tell you – anytime a newborn can be held and touched makes a world of difference.

Fetal Telemetry Monitor

Alli’s seen it all in Labour and Delivery and knows how important it is to be able to track baby’s well-being during labour. As a Registered Nurse, she uses a fetal telemetry monitor to receive essential information about baby, including its heartbeat, which guides her decision making. When critical decisions need to be made, it’s this information that informs those decisions. Your gift this Christmas will help Alli and the entire Labour and Delivery team to assist parents in birthing babies safely year round.


The Cath Lab is a busy place. As Northwestern Ontario has a higher than average rate of cardiac disease, Registered Nurses, Nicole and Kelly, along with their team, treat many patients. The good news? Patients receive immediate, life-saving care thanks to our 24/7 angioplasty service. Sometimes, that care requires a defibrillator, when a patient’s heart needs to be shocked back into rhythm. Your gift this Christmas will give Nicole, Kelly and the Cath Lab team access to the right tool at the most critical time. Let’s keep hearts beating this Christmas.

Rapid Infuser Blood & Fluid Warmer

When you think of a Hospital’s Emergency Department, the first image that typically comes to mind is Trauma Care, when seconds 
count in treating a patient in serious need of medical attention. Registered Nurses Dylan and Deanna see the need to have trauma equipment on-hand, ready for the next patient who comes in the door. They’re in the business of saving lives and need a new Rapid Infuser Blood and Fluid Warmer to rapidly give blood or fluids to a patient in crisis. Not only that, this new equipment will warm these products, which is essential when dealing with the volumes needed in life-saving situations. Help Dylan, Deanna and the Emergency Department team this Christmas. You’re truly giving a life-saving gift.


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