You can give a gift that helps other people – people you may not know who come to the Health Sciences Centre for care and life-saving treatments – this Christmas season and all year long.

Please consider making a gift this Christmas. You will be helping purchase vital medical equipment so people can receive life-saving care. Equipment like:

1 neonatal ventilator

Breathing. Something most of us take for granted. Imagine for a moment though that your newborn baby couldn’t breathe. When your loving embrace wasn’t enough. What would you do? Luckily, if your baby was born here, they would have access to a world-class neonatal ICU with ventilators that would breathe for your baby until they could do it on their own. Please help us ensure we always have enough ventilators to sustain those precious lives and give them a chance for a tomorrow.

1 Birthing Bed

You know the look of pure joy on a child’s face when they open gifts on Christmas morning? It comes pretty close to the ecstatic looks new parents have when they meet their baby for the first time. And it happens every day at the Health Sciences Centre. Your gift will ensure that all new parents have access to state-of-the-art birthing beds to bring their little ones safely into the world. Light up a face this Christmas.

3 Defibrillators
Our Emergency Department is one of the busiest in the country. When you choose to support the purchase of new defibrillators, you’re choosing to save someone’s life every day. Make sure our ED team can provide comfortable, safe and fast treatment to patients in critical condition. Give the gift of a fighting chance.

1 ICP Monitor

Stroke. Brain tumour. Head trauma. Patients with any one of these conditions may require monitoring of their intracranial pressure. It’s vitally important to keep track of this pressure, since should it start rising quickly, immediate action needs to be taken to prevent further brain injury. You can help our sickest patients this Christmas.


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