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Women’s roles in society have drastically changed in the last 50 years. We are not living in the same world as our mothers did – they made sure of that. Our mothers pushed the boundaries and made the sacrifices so that we, their daughters, could go further and have more opportunities, and in turn build a better society. Thanks to their advocacy, women today hold leadership positions in almost every profession.

What hasn’t changed over time though is our deep empathy. We still tend to be the caregivers for our families and our community. Women have always been the leaders of social change, the defenders of those less fortunate, the helpers and givers of our society. The difference today is that we have the power and means to effect positive change more than ever before.

A small group of dynamic and dedicated professionals formed Women in Action (WIA) to unite women from our community in the shared philanthropic interest of improving healthcare in Northwestern Ontario. This is an active giving circle focused not just on fundraising, but on deciding what healthcare priorities mean most to us.

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The Women with Women in Action Membership Will:
  • Act as healthcare champions in Thunder Bay and Northwestern Ontario.

  • Promote the importance of philanthropy in healthcare, the benefits to the individual patients as well as their families, and the positive impact on the overall community that making a gift can have.

  • Facilitate the development of a strong network of women in philanthropy and celebrate the impact of their contributions through social gatherings.

The Women in Action is also a way to collaborate and network with other women. In many aspects, it’s a new way to fundraise that gives us more control over our charitable contributions, raising funds for areas in the Hospital we feel are important, and having a greater say in how those funds are put to good use. And, if our initial meetings are any indication, Women in Action is a fun and social organization, bringing together like-minded professional women in the community who bond and give strength to each other.

  Membership to Women in Action  

Membership is open to any woman wishing to be a part of Women in Action. Our strength comes from the open and diverse nature of the group, so we want to welcome everyone we can.

Members will be required to sign a pledge agreement committing to a monthly of $41.67+, or annual donation of $500+. Our goal is to raise $1M for our first project, so please choose an amount that best suits you!

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donate monthlyYou may choose to make a monthly donation of $41.67 or above.


donate annuallyYou may choose to make an annual donation of $500 or above.


Will I receive a charitable tax receipt?

Yes. For monthly donations you'll be mailed a charitable tax receipt at the end of each year, totalling that year's donations. For annual donations you'll be emailed your tax receipt immediately, then mailed all subsiquent receipts in the same month every year.


Women in Action Committee Your Women in Action
Committee Members

Sandi Doig, Chair
Sharon Bon, Vice Chair
Amanda Bjorn
Terri Hrkac
Kathleen Jones
Donna MacNeil
Gloria McNeill
Janet Margarit
Tracey Nieckarz
Pamela Peterson
Ashley Rooney
Deborah Robertson
Barb Witiluk




More Information

If you'd like more information about Women in Action please call
Sandi Doig at 472-6572, or email womeninactiontb@gmail.com


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OUR MISSION:  To inspire the people of Northwestern Ontario to give generously to advance our healthcare at Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre. 


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